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Classic Albums The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds




“Brian Wilson wanted God Only Knows to sound as if it came from heaven, and only a fool would deny that he succeeded.” Mojo
 “During Pet Sounds, I stepped out from the Beach Boys to bring my heart and soul to people.” Brian Wilson
“Pet Sounds is always there or thereabouts on the list of all-time greatest albums. Rightly so. This is the jewel in Brian Wilson's considerable crown and a landmark for pop music on its way from gangling adolescence to something approaching maturity. He may have only had one good ear, but he put it to impossibly good use on creating a cycle of songs that was the polar opposite of the Fun, Fun, Fun mentality that The Beach Boys had previously espoused. About as good as it gets.” Rolling Stone
 “With the limited equipment they had then, he still brought out this incredible music, when people at that time were struggling to get these sounds.” Richard Ashcroft  
 “...I was in tears. I could not bellieve what I was hearing.” Howard Jones  
Pet Sounds was always intended to be a thought provoking experience, from the nature of its lyrics, its ground breaking instrumental blends and its radical place within the Beach Boys canon. Brian Wilson purposefully set out to achieve such a new experience, and he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.” Kinglsey Abbott  
“Honestly, is there any purer sound than the second chorus and bridge to Sloop John B? And except for an infant’s handful of recordings, has there ever been a greater album? Look boys and girls, everything that has ever been written or said about Pet Sounds is true.” Rhythm & News  
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