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Classic Albums The Beatles - Abbey Road



Released Sept 1969. UK & US No.1, spent over 2 years on the US chart and 17 weeks at No.1 in the UK. The fab fours last studio album.

Features Come Together, Something, Here Comes The Sun, Because, The End

“I was seven or eight when I first heard it. The End is a guitar track with DNA. Each Beatle had their own distinct personality and all of them play a solo on their own on it.” Joey Santiago, The Pixies 

"I just think it's a brilliant record. My favorite song of all time is Because, you never hear it on the radio, and it's the most beautiful song." Bryan Adams
 "...a return to the type of crisp songwriting that had made them so popular in the first place." 100 Great albums of the 60's
"They're the best band the world has ever seen or ever will see." Ozzy Osbourne
 "The most remarkable section, however, runs from You Never Give Me Your Money to the album's end - a sequence of half the songs, riffs and compressed one-minute epics that coalesce with symphonic logic and breath taking momentum." Q 5 stars  
 "It's beutiful blistering's's something of it's exceeds the double album and parts of it touch the heights of Sgt Pepper. Even when it dips, show me any other group packing so much originality of composition and honest pop music on to one album. Show me!" NME  




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