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Classic Albums Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home




  "I think that for me, Dylan is the fulcrum of modern music." Pete Townshend 
"It was Dylan's concept all the way, but he was able to draw out of the other musicians their ideas, their musical feel, using them to give his music a substance...The album erupted on the scene like an earthquake." Rolling Stone 1972
"The first sign that the poet of protest had rock 'n' roll pumping through his veins." Mojo
"He transformed my world, from the one where you sang these personal narrative songs, to the world he was carving out. A surrealistic portrait of contemporary life." Jackson Browne
"I first heard Mr Tambourine Man in the listening booth of a record shop. I went into that booth a boy but I came out a tambourine man." Billy Bragg talking to Q July 1993



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