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Classic Albums The Clash - London Calling



“Listening to The Clash made me feel invincible.” Tim Burges, The Charlatans 
“The Clash sound like they’re soaking up the past in a manner of revolutionary cadet’s, aware that you can’t alter history without understanding it.” Mojo
“When I think about rock ‘n’ roll I think about London Calling by The Clash.” Jakob Dylan, The Wallflowers
“A 19-track, filler-free double album. Certainly it would be the best Clash album and therefore is among the very best albums ever recorded.” Q
“The Clash love rock ‘n’ roll, which is why they play it, but they want it to live up to its promises, which is why they play it the way they do. London Calling makes up for all the bad rock ‘n’ roll played over the last decade. NME , 1979
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