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"When I was nine years old, my dad took me to see Deep Purple. I sat their watching Richie Blackmore throw his black Stratocaster up and down - this wall of noise and the whole spectacle. Next day I went down to the record store, reached up and looked over the counter and said, give me anything by Deep Purple..." Lars Ulrich, Metallica  
"....plodding along and hanging in there album after album in spite of being such quiet nonentities that they’re not even good copy....if the Rock in the title is meant to invoke the last 20 years heritage, somebody's got their wires badly crossed." Rolling Stone
"... I bought a copy second (probably third) hand from another kid at school for 75 pence. It was scratched to bits. I remember the hisses and sizzling pops that used to precede every track seemed to heighten the sense of expectation. As a 15 year old in the heat of a passionate clinch at the back of The Sheffield Odeon, all that sprang to mind was the lyric from Purple’s track, Into The Fire...'Feel the blood a - knocking when your finger’s popping”. It was gross but it was accurate. The sound of dodgy spring reverbs being kicked to f**k at the end of Child in Time. Closing my eyes and imagining Ian Paice’s flailing left foot slapping his bass drum all over the stage on Speed King.Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden
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