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Classic Albums Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road



Features, Candle In The Wind, Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting, Bennie And The Jets, Yellow Brick Road. 17 album tracks and outtakes done and dusted, conception to completion, in 15 days.


  “...thoroughly enjoyable, the rockers moving out with more gusto than those of many bands who work exclusively in that genre, the ballads exploring his and lyricist Bernie Taupin’s romanticism without apology.” Rolling Stone

“A spiffed-up version of John's '73 magnum opus back in the vinyl era, when careers were long and LPs were short, a double album such as 1973's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road signified a Big Statement. The resonance of Elton John's four-sider was less thematic -- it was hardly a concept album -- than visceral, as the flamboyant pianoman and his ace Road crew fashioned John's melodies into a jam-packed parade of snazzy hooks and riffs.” 5 stars - Rolling Stone

“We had become almost telepathic. I put something in front of him and instantly he knew where I was coming from. He brought every moment of the album to life.” Lyricist Bernie Taupin.
“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is all over the map, beginning with the prog-rock epic Funeral for a Friend (Love Lies Bleeding) and immediately careening into the balladry of Candle in the Wind. For the rest of the album, John leaps between pop-craft Bennie and the Jets, ballads Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, hard rock Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting and everything in between.” All Music Guide
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