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Classic Albums Ian Dury and the Blockheads - New Boots And Panties!!



The best ever Brit lyricsmith. Who else could start a song with, “Arseholes, bastards, fucking cunts and pricks”


  “Typically versatile examples of the force, humour and ingenuity of Dury’s imagination. Dury’s songs are rooted in the streets and their populations: the lives and frustrations and aspirations of ordinary people.” Melody Maker 
“Anyone who wrote lyrics like those deserves recognition. I sometimes like more emotional juice in my music, but Ian overcame his limitations as a singer with some incredible writing.” Peter Gabriel
“On his debut album Dury's music is at its best, and even that is a bizarrely uneven fusion of pub rock, punk rock, and disco. Still, Dury's off-kilter charm and irrepressible energy make the album gel, with the disco pulse of Wake Up And Make Love With Me making perfect sense next to the gentle tribute Sweet Gene Vincent, the roaring punk of Blockheads, and the revamped music hall of Billericay Dickie and My Old Man.All Music Guide
New Boots & Panties!! remains the creative yardstick that he can never quite measure up to. Both The Blockheads' seasoned musicality and the nature of their frontman's time-served pub rock background meant that these songs were fully developed before being committed to tape, rather than the comparative rush-job albums that followed this success. What's more, it's aged well (I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra might well have been a blueprint for mid-'90s Blur).” Q  
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