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Classic Albums Iggy Pop - The Idiot



"If I had to pick a hereo it would be Iggy Pop, because he inspired me to have the attitude that I do. I think he's pretty much solely responsible for punk rock as far as America goes." Marilyn Manson
"Iggy Pop is a poet, a showman, and for every lesser moment he's had several greater moments. He's original." Frank Black
"The Idiot...steeped in the so-called 'minimalist' ambience currently listening to Iggy and taking him seriously, is the most savage indictment of rock posturing ever recorded. The Idiot is a necrophiliac's delight." Rolling Stone
"The music sounds a little as if it came from Bowie's Aladdin Sane period. Iggy Pop sings with a rasping rock voice while guitars drone on behind him." Billboard  



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