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Classic Albums Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love




“...a trenchchantly individual piece of work, resonant with ghosts and connections to witch-dunking mythology.” Observer
 “The first album produced by Bush entirely at her own home studio, and the results are spellbinding, the layered instruments recalling the Beatles at the most ornate, but also displaying an exquisite timbral range, bringing out the richness of the individual instruments.” All Music Guide
“...there's Cloudbusting - not by any stretch of imagination the stuff of the typical pop single. For a start, its inspiration lay in A Book Of Dreams, the childhood memories of Peter Reich, son of socialist Austrian psychologist Wilhelm "The Function Of The Orgasm" Reich, who believed that with his invention, The Orgone Accumulator, he could alter the earth's climate and create rain on command. ” Q
 “Hounds Of Love is darker, moodier and more esoteric than many of Kate's albums, it kicks off with her best shot at chart-breaking yet; "Running Up That Hill" is a mystical, sinuous single with Kate's sultry voice gliding over warm synths and the soft pounding of a drum track-a rich song that becomes more compelling with each listen.” CMJ  
 “ incredible journey on an almost cinematic or some might say, Wagnerian scale, full of secrets and hidden depths, many of which we may never manage to fully understand or penetrate. It remains, to these ears and many more, one of the greatest albums ever made.” Bird Pages  
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