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Classic Albums Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II



Released October 1969, UK & US No.1 - 138 weeks on the US chart

Features Whole Lotta Love, Heart Breaker, The Lemon Song
 "When I heard Zeppelin, it was, OK, now I know why I'm not doing well on my classical piano." Tori Amos
"I became totally obsessed with Led Zeppelin, they were the first band I actually listened to." Dave Grohl
 "The album captured the energy of being on the road..."Jimmy Page  
 "...swollen rock excursions Whole Lotta Love and The Lemon Song its keystones, John Bonham's Moby Dick a happy indulgence." Q  
"OK, I'll concede that until you've listened to the album eight hundred times, as I have, it seems as if it's just one especially heavy song extended over the space of two whole sides." Rolling Stone  
"This LP is still almost worth buying anyway for Plant's tortured voice and Page's guitar, which at times sounds as disturbing as car tyres screaming to a crash." Time Out 22/11/69  
"It's difficult to capture stage excitement on record, but Led Zeppelin come very near to it." Disc & Music Echo 1/11/69  



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