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"There's a song for every sin" Lou Reed
 "I must of listened to Transformer over 1,000 times. It was never off the turntable for about three months." Dave Stewart
"The sound and style of Transformer would in many ways define Lou Reed's career in the 1970s, and while it led him into a style that proved to be a dead end, you can't deny that Bowie and Ronson gave their hero a new lease on life - and a solid album in the bargain." AMG
 "Walk on the Wild Side is another winner, a laid-back, seedy pullulator in the tradition of Pale Blue Eyes, the song is about various New York notables and their ramiform homo adventures, punctuated eerily by the phrases "walk on the wild side" and "and the coloured girls go 'toot-ta-doo, too-ta-doo.' Great images of hustling, defensive blowjobs and someone shaving his legs while hitchhiking 1500 miles from Miami to New York that fade into a baritone sax coda." Rolling Stone  
 "Lou Reed is probably a genius." Rolling Stone  
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