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Classic Albums Oasis - Definitely Maybe



Released in the UK - August 1994 and the US - February 1995. UK No.1 spending a total of 177 weeks on the album chart. Voted the greatest album of all time in a 2006 survey to mark 50 years of the Official UK Albums Chart by over 40,000 music fans by the book of British Hit Singles and Albums and


Features Supersonic, Cigarettes And Alcohol, Live Forever
 "They’re manna from heaven in a slow newspaper week: boorish, Northern, easily patronised, fluent in the quotable obscenity. Don’t be put off: Definitely Maybe is an outrageously exciting rock/pop album...such vigour and insouciance. A riot." Q
"Noel Gallagher is a pop craftsman in the classic tradition and a master of his trade. Of his generation, probably only Kurt Cobain wielded the manipulative power of melody better, and you can't imagine Noel having too many guilt pangs about whether or not Live Forever was just that little bit too perfect. Here are 12 songs - 11 if you've thrown away your record player - to hum beyond the grave." NME
 "Liam Gallagher has God-given cool. And with his brother Noel supplying him with sumptuous rockers (their echoing production recalls the Beatles' Revolver), it's easy to see why this quintet is next year's model. Heavier on guitar than Blur or Suede, they're the simpler, catchier outfit. And with youth's blithe arrogance, they see the world solely in black and white." Rolling Stone  



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