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Classic Albums Patti Smith - Horses



"...suddenly, Patti Smith comes along and it was like a piano landed on my head. I was a teenager, and I was so moved I couldn't sleep, I was sick to my stomach from the impact. It was unbelievable - my life completely changed by a rock 'n' roll record" Michael Stipe talking to Q
 "Patti's startling freewheeling poetry, too raw, uninhibited, and spontaneous to shine in print, in it's proper context, nestling up against and screwing with the primal rhythms of rock 'n' roll." Melody Maker
"Seldom has an album been so critically acclaimed as some kind of rock Second Coming as Patti Smith's Horses. When released in 1975, most of the survivors from the '60s had lost their way. She created overnight a new kind of female rock star." Rolling Stone
 “…on Kimbely she pours herself trough the microphone and into your head” Johnny Borrell, Razorlight  
 "I realized here was someone who was mixing poetry with rock 'n' roll. I realized that's what I wanted to do." Heather Nova  
"I put it on in the morning and it just makes you get up!" Gaz Coombes, Supergrass  



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