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Classic Albums The Pixies - Doolittle



As Kurt Cobain readily told anyone who cared to hear, Nirvana's Nevermind wouldn't have happened without the Pixies' Doolittle
 Features Debaser, Monkey Gone To Heaven, Silver, Tame
"Black Francis' songs here seem to have an almost 'speaking in tongues' quality to them, as though an invisible presence has gently guided his band in an attempt to get through from some phantom zone. The songs on Doolittle have the power to make you literally jump out of your skin with excitement. Whatever they decide, the Pixies' popularity shows no sign of waning just yet and, as Doolittle positively underlines, there is no shortage of ideas. Good news not only for Pixies fans but for the state of independent music as a whole. I can think of no finer role models than these Bostonian imps of the perverse." NME 1989 - 10/10
 "This is clearly the stuff of classic obsessive teen horror nastiness set to a soundtrack of growling guitars somewhere on the out roads between Sonic Youth's metallic howling and uninhibited hardcore. It's not pretty, but its carefully structured noise and straight forward rhythmic insistence makes perfect sense: a gut feeling that is doubled when it gets within sniffing distance of a tune, as on Monkey Gone To Heaven or Debaser. " Q 4/5  
 "...producer Chris Norton showcases the Pixies at their most diverse." Rolling Stone 1989  
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