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Classic Albums Radiohead - OK Computer




"Lucky, the most beautiful song I've heard for a long, long time," Eno
 "A landmark on every latitude. It's an emotionally draining experience. Now Radiohead can definitely be ranked high among the world's greatest bands." Q
"...once you've been hooked it never stops growing on you. Probably Record Of The Year? 20 years time I'm betting OK Computer will be seen as the key record of 1997." Mojo
 "In short, here is a landmark record of the 1990s, and one that deserves your attention more than any other released this year." NME 10/10  
 "Radiohead's third album is one of the best rock records of the year in large part because it is the most inscrutable. OK Computer vigorously defies fast analysis, flip judgement and easy interpretation." Rolling Stone  
"Radiohead has wrought a dissenting diary of life prey to numbing technologies and corporate / political soul snuffing. It's an immensely powerful mix of eulogy and call to arms, fulfilling the promise of the band's left-field stunner from '95, The Bends." Billboard  
"It's the first record in about 15 years that I had to listen to a little one minute section over and over again. I can't remember doing that since vinyl" Trey Gunn, King Crimson  
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