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Classic Albums The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street



Talking to the BBC in 2010 about the recording sessions at Richards' rented villa in the South of France Mick Jagger said, “The wild nights, the orgies, the drug taking! I remember it well. Every bit of it! The basement was for work, and nobody came in there who wasn't working. Upstairs was quite a lot of socialising and carrying on. All day. It was great fun and it got a bit out of hand, and then we left. It felt like forever, but actually it was only six or seven months”.

Released June 1972, recorded in the basement of Keith's French villa, it rocks. UK and US No.1. Double set features 43 tracks including Tumbling Dice, Happy, Rip This Joint.


 "The first record that I just obsessed on was Exile On Main Street. I listened to all four sides in a row on headphones. It gave me everything I'd wanted on a record..." Peter Buck, R.E.M.
 "One of the greatest albums ever made. The Stones sound completely like themselves." Courtney Love
"There are songs that are better, there are songs that are worse, there are songs that'll become your favourites and others you'll probably lift the needle for when their time is due." Rolling Stone.
 "...when Richards cranks up the honky-tonk riff to Rocks Off and Jagger purrs, "Owww yeaaah!" Nobody has ever done it better." Q  
 "Exile was an idea to try and get back to good old rock 'n' roll. Looking back over recent albums, we felt there was a need to re-establish the rock thing." producer Jimmy Miller talking the NME .  
"An album that might take a few listens, but is rich with Stones power and movement." Sounds  
"A tremendous set which skilfully uses all the accepted music mechanics of rock 'n' roll." NME  



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