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Classic Albums Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols




Released in November 1977, UK No. 1 - spent 54 weeks on the UK album chart.
 "Two subway trains crashing together under 40 feet of mud. Never Mind The Bollocks is just about the most exciting Rock 'n' Roll record of the seventies" Rolling Stone
"My mum hated it. It had to be really good if she didn't like it. She used to hide the record from me. so I had to buy it on tape and hide it in my pocket." Noel Gallagher, Oasis
“In high school I would listen to Anarchy In The UK before falling asleep. I used to dream about performing it in the school talent show.” Jeff Tweedy, Wilco
 "Has any other band so changed the world with just one album? 38 minutes of attitude that affected everyone who dared listen." Mojo"  
 "It was the Sex Pistols that got me off my arse to even think I could do anything other than work in a factory" Jim Reid, Jesus And Mary Chain  

"When I heard the Sex Pistols, that changed my life. Up to that point I'd been into muso and fusion. Then I heard the Pistols and thought 'fuck me' Leigh Gorman, Bow Wow Wow

"It comes on the radio and still jumps out at you. Kids are still getting into it now. I am really proud” Sex Pistols drummer, Paul Cook

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