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Classic Albums Astral Weeks - Van Morrison



Features Astral Weeks, Sweet Thing, Beside You. 
 "What helped draw me to Astral Weeks was the loose, warm double bass of Ron Carter and Connie Kay's translucent cymbal playing. They played as they would have done with John Coltrane. They let the music ride, let it drift, take the weight off it's feet" Robert Wyatt
"Quite possibly the greatest album ever made, Astral Weeks is a mad, expressionistic, beautiful acoustic evocation of Morrison's Belfast life, from childhood nostalgia to a young man's fantasies of love." NME

"The songs he brought into New York's Century Sound Studios were a far cry from those earlier tunes. They were long, most of them, and meandering, suffused with the pain of the blues and the lilt of traditional Irish melodies. Morrison depicted the streets of Belfast in a dim, hallucinatory light, peopled with characters who danced like young lovers and spun like ballerinas but who mostly struggled to reach out to each other and find the peace and clam that otherwise eluded them. The crowning touch is "Madame George," a cryptic character study that may or may not be about an ageing transvestite but that is certainly as heartbreaking a reverie as you will find in pop music." Rolling Stone


 “Van Morrison’s "Celtic Soul” masterpiece has for almost 40 years stood gloriously apart from anything else in rock or pop.” Q Magazine

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