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Classic Albums The Verve - Urban Hymns




Features Bitter Sweet Symphony The Drugs Don't Work Sonnet
 "Urban Hymns is a big, big record. Its scope and depth is not too dented by boasting two anthems like Bitter Sweet Symphony and the chart-topping, tear-jerking The Drugs Don't Work. There are other peaks to be scaled - the apocalyptic The Rolling People and Come On, the aching odes to love setting in and breaking down on Sonnet and Space And Time - and the emotional pace is largely maintained throughout..." NME
"Time to wake up, then. While there are groups out there copying old masters onto bread boards, The Verve roll dark tones onto a wider canvas. It looks back 25 years but, instead of tracing over, it feeds from the past" Mojo
 "Urban Hymns is not a pop album. It is a rambling, inspiring rock tableau that, tempo-wise, never even breaks into a trot. But The Verve have always taken it slow. "I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down," warns Ashcroft, and buyers of previous albums A Storm In Heaven and A Northern Soul will recognise the Doors-influenced, aromatic angstscapes of five minutes plus, swollen with echo, wah-wah and repetition" Q  



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