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Classic Albums World Party - Goodbye Jumbo




 "Wallinger's attractive flowing melodies make this a timeless set of lasting appeal." Q
"...this is likeable, listenable, and hummable - and likely to please fans of everyone from Oasis to the Lightning Seeds." Daily Telegraph
 "With its squeaky-clean studio sound, and rhythm guitar-driven melodies, Goodbye Jumbo paints several surreal worlds about love, God and some bizarre themes from the deep recesses of Wallinger's mind. All brought together with clear and clever lyrics that makes it impossible to dislike.." Walls Webzine  
 "It's unavoidably easy to hear his borrowings from Dylan, Lennon, Prince, Sly, the Stones. To dismiss the album as pastiche, however, is to miss the conviction that makes Goodbye Jumbo so audaciously cohesive, so compelling." Rolling Stone  
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