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The 10 Supremes Songs You Must Listen To.

AIN'T THAT GOOD NEWS - 1965 Written and performed by Sam Cooke in '64 and taken from the album We Remember Sam Cooke. A blistering gospel flavored vocal lead by Florence Ballard. Probably her greatest vocal on record.

BAD WEATHER - 1973 A single only release written and produced by Stevie Wonder with Al Green in mind. One of their best post Diana tunes.

SUNSET - 1965 Taken from the Supremes Sing Country, Western & Pop. A song written and performed by 'Little' Stevie Wonder. This B-side from 1962, hears a rare vocal lead by the underrated Mary Wilson.

GOING DOWN FOR THE THIRD TIME - 1967 The B-side of the experimental Reflections. The Holland Dozier Holland typical Motown 'four to the floor' gem gained some exposure on the northern soul scene.

RUN RUN RUN - 1964 Heavily influenced by Phil Spector's songwriting and production skills, the follow up to the successful When the Love Starts Shining Through His Eyes, was a flop. They would eventually record a Spector song.

THINGS ARE CHANGING - 1965 This rarity written by Phil Spector was a public service record aimed at America's youth. President L.B. Johnson established the Equal Opportunities Committee when he signed the Civil Rights Act. This song was part of the Advertising Council campaign. It is rumored that Brian Wilson plays piano on the track.

COME TOGETHER - 1970 Taken from their New Ways, But Love Stays album. This Lennon/McCartney composition is the most psychedelic sounding track of their career.

CAN I GET A WITNESS - 1963 The girls provided backing vocals on the Marvin Gaye original and this version was intended for the album Supremes A Go Go, but was shelved. A competent cover.

BUTTERED POPCORN - 1961 The group’s second single written by Motown boss Berry Gordy with lead vocal by Florence Ballard, arguably the best singer in the group. The risqué lyrics forced Motown to withdraw from promoting the record.

JONNY UND JOE - 1965 Sung in German, this is a re write of Come See About Me, aimed at capitalising on Motown's ever growing popularity in Europe in the sixties.


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