The Very Hard Beatles Quiz

The Beatles

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  1. I love the Beatles even if I don’t know them that much. Just 14/20. It’s like falling in love with a girl and even marrying and living the rest of my with with that same girl without knowing her completely. Still, I’m in love with her cent per cent. That’s how I love the Beatles.

  2. I am thankful to you for giving me a chance to answer the questions. I really enjoyed reading each question and choosing the correct answer though my score was not so good. I am also grateful to you for improving my English because my native language is not English.

  3. Being born in 1960, I grew up listening to the Beatles from an early age. I remember my sister telling me that I knew all the words to She Loves You when I was 3 years old.

  4. The Song, “The End” was actually the last song Where all Beatles were Together. John wasn’t there when the other three Beatles recorded their totally last song!
    So Correction needs to be noted.
    Good Quiz Otherwise.

  5. The “Real Last Song Recorded with All Four Beatles Present Was:
    “The End!” There was another song recorded at a later Date in the Studio…But Only Paul, George and Ringo were there! John Lennon wasn’t There With Them. He was Elsewhere! FYI. And this also proves True in other quizzes when the Same question is asked and each time the Answer is: “The End!”

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