The Very Hard David Bowie Quiz

David Bowie
Photo courtesy: Earl Leaf/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

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  1. Question 28 is wrong. Spiders from Mars included Trevor Bolder and that was on the ‘Hunky Dory’ album not ‘The Man who sold the world’.

  2. Hello Malcolm, I suppose the question could be seen as misleading, but our Bowie expert told us… Released in 1993, it was his first solo release in the 1990s and his first solo album in nearly six years, after spending time with his hard rock band Tin Machine. This album was an attempt to make “a new kind of melodic form of house” music and featured his old guitarist from the Ziggy Stardust era, Mick Ronson.

  3. Q.6 Drive in Saturday also name checked Twiggy – Carl Jung : The Swiss Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst who many mistake in the song as ‘John’ – an astronette : but which one & Sylvian : the guitarist from the New York Dolls? Or is it referring to the lateral sulcus or Sylvian fissure – one of the most prominent features of the human brain. Well maybe as the NYD’s guitarists name is actually spelt SYLVAIN and noy SYLVIAN.
    Buddy gets a mention – but who is it – a run of the mill ‘Buddy’ or ‘Johnny’ type character? Or was it actually Buddy Holly?
    This song was the first time that I ever heard the word ‘video’.
    Also – another track from Aladdin Sane – Time – name checked Billy Doll (Murcia) – the drummer from the New York Dolls who overdosed and died in London in the autumn of 1972. Mott the Hoople apparently declined this song – fair enough – they didn’t want to be Bowie’s ‘boys’ so Honaloochie Boogie yeh!

    Q.14 Although the Strawbs being the correct answer – technically this is wrong. This song was the b side of Lay Down – their October 1972 #12 UK hit – but – it was credited to Ciggy Barlust and The Whales from Venus.
    By the way – a ghastly horrible song – indeed – as were the Strawbs.

    Q.19 Great album cover – the dogs bollocks et al. Bowie jumped in and nabbed Guy Peellaert who was commissioned to paint the Rolling Stones 1974 album – Its only Rock’n’Roll. But Bowie got their first!

    Q.28 is correct – the answer is Hunky Dory. Ronson / Woodmansey & Boulder first played on Hunky Dory – not – The Man Who sold the World. Tony Visconti played bass on TMWSTW.

    Q.25 Black Tie White Noise was NOT a Tin Machine album. It was the first solo Bowie studio album of the 1990’s – a much underrated and rarely mentioned album. However Bowie’s best album of the 90’s has to be 1.Outside – superb.

    Great quiz

    Glad tidings pop pickers

  4. Man who sold the world had Mick and Trevor and came out before Hunky Dory. Hunky Dory had all three, granted, but does two out of three compose a nucleus? I guess not. Anyway, got 28 of 30 so who am I to quibble about this?

  5. Thanks. Only one I got wrong was the Spiders question. The nucleus is the core from where the rest grows. I’d argue that this was established on TMWSTW. Rewording as “which is the first album to feature the members that later became known as the Spiders” would remove that ambiguity.

  6. N Fitz.. Q.6 Drive in Saturday… Just a minor correction … Jung was described as a foreman.
    Jung the foreman prayed at work
    Neither hands nor limbs would burst
    It’s hard enough to keep formation with this fall out saturation.
    Cursing at the astronette
    who stands in steel by his cabinet
    He’s crashing out with Sylvian
    The bureau supply for aging men

  7. I knew I should’ve chose the Laughing Gnome! True test go with 1st answer comes to mind!! I absolutely love Laughing Gnome! I would have requested it! In the 70’s reflecting back on his songs critics considered Laughing Gnome as one of his worst! WHAT?! Report that to the Gnome Office! A great question would be which song did Bowie decide to take off the next remaster of his album Never Let Me Down? Too Dizzy! I have that on a cassette tape! I remember he said simply. He hated it! I loved it. Though I am not biased!!⚡

  8. No questions about Labyrinth? I did not do okay at all and am kicking myself in the arse for I should have known. Whatever, I listen to and love his music and that is what counts as do the rest of us Bowiephiles.

  9. Great quiz, I got TOO MANY wrong!

    Question 28 answer should be TMWSTW – Bowie, Ronson, Woodmansey – that’s not even the “nucleus”, it’s the full band minus one – Trevor Bolder!!