Marc Bolan Quiz

Marc Bolan
Photo by Ron Howard/Redferns

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  1. Hot love was Marc’s first UK no 1 and when released wasn’t from any album.
    the track skipped to in the opening scene of Billy elliot was cosmic dancer….electric warrior is not a song
    The question Who commissioned Marc bolan for a TV show implies a person answer not a TV station.
    Incidentally the person was Muriel young .

  2. I didn’t get a result. After answering Q20 the whole thing went funny in me and flipped. I know I got about 3 wrong! I’m not too embarrassed about that. It’s a bit of fun.

  3. I sailed right through then came unstuck on the last one, only because i was never aware of the story to it, so i took a guess at the hat, because i had understood, that his flying V Guitar had been stolen, but no one is perfect.