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Classic Albums Blondie - Parallel Lines





  "Seeing Blondie doing Heart Of Glass on Top Of The Pops, all lip-glossed up and stilettos. I thought she was captivating. Even though she was sexy as hell, she gave off this strength and intelligence. It was pure, classy pop with confidence and attitude." Lousie Wener, Sleeper  
"Parallel Lines is infused with a new, and appropriate, romantic fatalism. Jack Lee's two songs -- the backstage lament "Will Anything Happen" and the immortal, breathless Hanging on the Telephone established Harry's persona firmly between vulnerable but sceptical lover and pop tigress." Rolling Stone
"The result is state-of-the-art pop-rock circa 1978, with Harry's tough-girl glamour setting the pattern that would be exploited over the next decade by a host of successors led by Madonna." AMG
"The melodies stick, the multi-layered harmonies work and the end result is witty, infectious rock. This should be Blondie's breakthrough LP'. Billboard.  
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