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The Eagles formed in Los Angeles in 1971, drummer Don Henley had migrated west from Texas with his band, Shiloh, (and was living at the home of fellow Texan Kenny Rogers); guitarist Glenn Frey was a rocker from Detroit who headed to Los Angeles, where he befriended fellow musicians Jackson Browne and John David Souther. Bernie Leadon had a bluegrass background (The Scottsville Squirrel Barkers, Dillard and Clark), and later the Flying Burrito Brothers with ex-Byrd, Gram Parsons. Bassist and high-harmony singer Randy Meisner had worked with Rick Nelson, James Taylor and Poco.

After working together on Linda Ronstadt’s on her eponymous album they went off on their own, honing the repertoire of songs that would appear on their debut album, which was recorded in England in 1972 with producer Glyn Johns.

Bernie Leadon first suggested the name of the band during a peyote and tequila-influenced group outing in the Mojave Desert, when he recalled reading about the Hopis’ reverence for the eagle.

The first single and lead track, “Take It Easy”, was a song written by Frey with his then-neighbour, Jackson Browne. Browne had written the majority of the song, up until the line “I’m standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona”, where he became stuck. Frey added the next line “It’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford” and Browne carried on to finish the song. When released the song reached number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the start of a succession of hit singles; “Witchy Woman”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, “Best of My Love”, “One of These Nights”, “Lyin’ Eyes” and the bands signature tune “Hotel California”.

Hotel California

They released four consecutive Number One albums between 1975 and 1979: One of These Nights, Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, Hotel California and The Long Run. Collectively, those four albums topped Billboard’s album chart for 27 weeks.

Former James Gang leader, Joe Walsh joined the Eagles in 1975 as the group’s keyboardist and guitarist following the departure of their founding member Bernie Leadon, with Hotel California being his first album with the band. After leaving The James Gang, Walsh had seen success as a solo artist with his debut album The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get and solo hits included “Rocky Mountain Way”, and “Life’s Been Good”.

Timothy B. Schmit joined the Eagles after the Hotel California tour, replacing Randy Meisner on bass/vocals after Meisner quit. As well as being a member of Poco, Schmit was an in-demand session player working with Steely Dan on Pretzel Logic, The Royal Scam and Aja. Schmit also sang backing vocals on “Never Let Her Slip Away”, a top 5 UK hit for Andrew Gold in 1978.

By 1980, the Eagles were the biggest band in America, but their success took a horrible toll on the group. Don Henley and Glenn Frey were intense and driven men, and original members Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner had already quit because the atmosphere had become toxic. Joe Walsh was often too drunk and stoned to complain about his lack of control by this point. The band broke up in 1980, following a difficult tour and personal tensions that arose during the recording of The Long Run.


Things came to a head on July 31, 1980, in Long Beach, California, when tempers boiled over into what has been described as the “Long Night at Wrong Beach”. The animosity between Felder and Frey boiled over. Frey and Felder spent the entire show telling each other about the beating each planned to administer backstage. “Only three more songs until I kick your ass, pal”, Frey recalls Felder telling him near the end of the band’s set. Felder recalls Frey telling him during “Best of My Love”, “I’m gonna kick your ass when we get off the stage.”

During the 80’s various members (particularly Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh) launched or resumed successful solo careers. Walsh released a successful album in 1981, There Goes the Neighborhood and Henley achieved arguably the greatest commercial solo success of any former Eagle. In 1981, he sang a duet with Stevie Nicks, “Leather and Lace.” In 1982, he released I Can’t Stand Still, featuring the hit “Dirty Laundry.” His next release, Building the Perfect Beast (1984), features the classic “The Boys of Summer”. Henley’s next album, The End of the Innocence (1989), was also a major success and includes “The End of the Innocence,” “The Last Worthless Evening” and “The Heart of the Matter.”

Meanwhile, the Eagles’ on-going influence inspired the renegade “new country” movement. When 13 of country music’s hottest acts recorded the tribute album Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles in 1993, its triple-platinum success helped trigger an Eagles reunion a year later.

Country star Travis Tritt insisted on having the Long Run-era Eagles in his video for “Take It Easy” and they agreed. Following years of public speculation, the band formally reunited the following year with Frey, Henley, Walsh, Felder, and Schmit.

When released in 1994, the live album Hell Freezes Over (named for Henley’s recurring statement that the group would get back together “when hell freezes over”), debuted at number 1 on the Billboard album chart. The group’s first best-of collection, Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, is among the best-selling albums of all time, having sold more than 26 million copies.

In February 2013 the Eagles released a career spanning documentary called History of the Eagles and kicked off the supporting tour. Don Henley said that the tour, which would continue until 2015, “could very well be our last…”

Glen Frey died on January 18, 2016, at the age of 67, from complications of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia.

Randy Meisner died due to complications associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in Los Angeles, on July 26, 2023, at the age of 77.

Important Dates In The Life Of The Eagles:

On this day in music
11 Apr 2024
The Jimmy Buffett Tribute concert took place at the Hollywood Bowl. The evening featured many artists including Paul McCartney, The Eagles, Snoop Dogg, Dave Grohl, Sheryl Crow, Kenny Chesney, Jackson Browne, Eric Church, Dave Matthews, Zac Brown, Jack Johnson and Jon Bon Jovi. Buffett died on 1 September 2023, age 76 due to complications from Merkel-cell carcinoma, a rare and aggressive skin cancer.
26 Jul 2023
American musician, singer, songwriter, and founding member of the Eagles Randy Meisner died due to complications associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Los Angeles at the age of 77. He was a member of Poco and was a founding member of the Eagles who had the 1977 US No.1 & UK No.8 single 'Hotel California'. He co-wrote and sang lead vocal on the Eagles hit 'Take It to the Limit.' He quit The Eagles in 1977 and went on to release solo albums in 1978 (Randy Meisner) and 1980 (One More Song).
22 Mar 2023
American musician Tom Leadon died age 70. He was one of the founding members of (with Tom Petty's) original band, Mudcrutch, and remained its guitarist following its revival in 2007. Leadon also played bass in Linda Ronstadt's band. He was the brother of Bernie Leadon, the former banjoist and guitarist of the Eagles.
12 Oct 2021
Irish musician, composer, and record producer Paddy Moloney died suddenly at a hospital in Dublin at the age of 83. He co-founded and led the Irish musical group the Chieftains, playing on all of their 44 albums. Moloney aslo did session work for Mike Oldfield, Mick Jagger, Gary Moore, Paul McCartney, Sting, Don Henley and Stevie Wonder.
10 Jul 2021
American fiddle player Byron Berline died at the age of 77 of complications of a stroke. He joined The Flying Burrito Brothers in 1971, worked with Stephen Stills's band Manassas and played on ‘Country Honk’ on the Rolling Stones' album Let It Bleed. He also worked with many other artists including: Bob Dylan, Elton John, The Byrds, Janis Ian, Willie Nelson, John Denver, Rod Stewart, The Eagles and The Band.
3 May 2017
The Eagles were suing a hotel in Mexico that calls itself the Hotel California, after the band's hit song and album. The rock band claim the 11-room hotel, in Todos Santos, "actively encourages" guests to believe it is associated with them in order to sell merchandise. They claim the hotel plays Eagles songs in the lobby and sells t-shirts describing the venue as "legendary".
2 Sep 2016
The Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 returned to the US album chart thanks to a 99-cent sale price in the Google Play store. The album, released in 1976, was already the largest selling compilation album in history with worldwide sales of over 42 million copies.
6 Mar 2016
Lana Rae Meisner, the wife of former Eagles' bassist Randy Meisner, died after she accidentally shot herself while looking for something in a closet. Although the couple had a history of domestic incidents, police immediately cleared Randy of any wrongdoing whatsoever.
18 Jan 2016
The Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey died at the age of 67 in New York City from complications arising from rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and pneumonia. Frey co-founded the Eagles in 1971 with Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner. After the breakup of the Eagles in 1980, Frey embarked on a successful solo career and went on to score the Top 40 hits 'The One You Love', 'Smuggler's Blues', 'The Heat Is On', and 'You Belong to the City'.
19 Dec 2015
Thirty-three years after it was released, Michael Jackson's classic album Thriller became the first to sell more than 30 million copies in the US. The Recording Industry Association of America reported latest sales figures showing the Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-75 had now sold 29m and Billy Joel Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II, 23m copies.
18 Nov 2015
Eagles of Death Metal, the band whose concert was stormed by gunmen which killed 89 people during a gig at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris made their first statement since returning to the US. The band issued a statement saying they were "bonded in grief with the victims, the fans... and all those affected by terrorism".
13 Nov 2015
The blues-rock band Eagles of Death Metal were in the midst of performing a sold-out show at Le Bataclan in Paris, France, when the venue was attacked by terrorists armed with automatic rifles, grenades and explosive suicide vests. The band escaped unharmed through a backstage door, but 89 audience members were killed, including the band's merchandise manager, Nick Alexander.
1 Dec 2012
San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders declared 'Peaceful Easy Feeling Day' in honor of Jack Tempchin, who wrote the Eagles hit in the city. The ceremony took place at a hot dog joint called the Wienerschnitzel, where he wrote the last verse while waiting for his order. Tempchin was presented with a golden wiener at the event.
28 Aug 2012
Celebrity Net Worth named Ringo Starr as the world's richest drummer, with an estimated fortune of $300 million. Phil Collins was ranked second with $250 million, former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl was third with $225 million, the Eagles' Don Henley came in forth with $200 million and Metallica's Lars Ulrich was fifth with $175 million. Also making the top ten were U2's Larry Mullen and The Rolling Stones' Charlie Watts.
4 Aug 2010
Don Henley reached an out-of-court settlement with Republican Senatorial candidate Chuck DeVore who used parodies of two Eagles' hits for an election campaign without permission. 'All She Wants To Do Is Dance' and 'The Boys of Summer' were used in campaign videos on YouTube as 'All She Wants To Do Is Tax' and 'Hope Of November'.
7 Jun 2010
Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh was granted a restraining order against an elderly neighbour who allegedly threatened to kill him. The man was also ordered to pay more than $1,500 in legal fees.
27 Jan 2009
Road Chef, the Watford Gap UK Motorway services operator, paid £1,000 at an auction for a collection of celebrity signatures, which were collected by former employee, Beatrice England. The book included signatures of Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, the Eagles and Dusty Springfield. The Blue Boar services as it was once known received so many famous guests in its 50-year history that Jimi Hendrix mistook it for a London nightclub as it was mentioned so often by his contemporaries.
2 Jan 2008
Josh Groban was America's top selling artist of 2007, the 26-year-old whose hits included 'You Raise Me Up', had the best-selling album of the year with the Christmas compilation Noel, which sold close to 3.7m copies. The second biggest seller was the soundtrack for Disney's High School Musical 2. The Eagles were 2007's biggest selling group with sales of 3.58m albums.
17 Nov 2007
The Eagles were at No.1 on the US album chart with ‘Long Road Out Of Eden’ the bands seventh studio album and first since 1979.
4 Nov 2007
The Eagles went to No.1 on the UK album chart with Long Road Out of Eden. It was the group's first full studio album since The Long Run in 1979 and became the highest selling album of the year.
26 Mar 2006
Readers of Total Guitar magazine voted the guitar solo by Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven' as the greatest guitar solo of all time. The 1971 track was voted ahead of tracks by Van Halen, Queen, Jimi Hendrix and the Eagles. On the 20th anniversary of the original release of the song, it was announced via US radio sources that the song had logged up an estimated 2,874,000 radio plays - back to back, that would run for 44 years solid.
14 Mar 2006
U2 topped Rolling Stone magazine's annual list of the year's biggest money earners from 2005 with $154.2m. (£78m), The Rolling Stones were listed second with $92.5m (£47m) and the Eagles third with 63.2m. (£32.m). Paul McCartney was in fourth place with $56m (£28m) and  Elton John in fifth with $48.9m. (£24.8m).
17 Dec 2005
U2 had the top-grossing tour of 2005, according to Billboard. More than three million people watched the band's sell-out 90-date Vertigo tour which grossed $260m (£146.6m). The Eagles, took $117m (£66m) from 77 shows and Neil Diamond grossed more than $71m (£40m). Kenny Chesney was fourth with $63m (£35.5m), Paul McCartney $60m (£33.8m), Rod Stewart with $49m (£27m), Elton John with $45.5m (£25.6m), Dave Matthews Band with $45m (£25.3m), Jimmy Buffett with $41m (£23m) and Green Day with $36.5m (£20.5m).
27 Nov 2005
Multimillionaire defence contractor David H. Brooks booked New York’s Rainbow Rooms and his daughter Elizabeth’s favourite acts for her ‘bat mitzvah’ coming-of-age celebration. The stars who appeared included 50 Cent, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Stevie Nicks. 50 Cent who was paid $500,000 to appear performed only four songs but he did manage to work in the lyric, "Go shorty, it's your bat miztvah, we gonna party like it's your bat mitzvah". The party cost an estimated $10 million, including the price of corporate jets to ferry the performers to and from the venue.
25 Feb 2004
The Rolling Stones topped a US Rich List of music's biggest money makers. The list was based on earnings during 2003 when the band played their 'Forty Licks' tour, which made them $212 million, (£124.7m) in ticket, CD, DVD and merchandise sales. The three million fans who went to the shows spent an average of $11 (£6.47) each on merchandise. Bruce Springsteen was listed in second place and the Eagles in third.
7 Sep 2003
US singer, songwriter, Warren Zevon died. He had worked as a session musician, was the piano player and band leader for the Everly Brothers. His 1969 song 'She Quit Me' was included in the soundtrack for the film Midnight Cowboy. Jackson Browne, the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt all appeared on his albums. He recorded over 15 solo albums, had the 1978 US No.21 single 'Werewolves Of London'.
9 May 2003
The Eagles trimmed to a four-man lineup (Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit) after parting ways with Don Felder, started their Farewell I tour in Richmond, Virginia, the title a mocking reference to the many "farewell" tours that aren't really. They played 168 dates on the tour over three years.
15 Dec 2001
Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh was given an honorary Doctorate of Music from Kent State University in Ohio.
29 May 2001
The Eagles made their first ever visit to Russia when they appeared at SC Olymisky in Moscow.
6 Feb 2001
Guitarist Don Felder was fired from the Eagles. He would later launch a $50 million law suit against drummer Don Henley and guitarist Glen Frey, alleging wrongful termination and breach of implied-in-fact contract. Henley and Frey then countersued Felder for breach of contract, alleging that Felder had written and attempted to sell the rights to a "tell-all" book. Both parties settled out-of-court for an undisclosed amount.
7 Oct 1999
Don Henley and Eagles Ltd. filed a federal suit against Lovearth, a Sarasota, Florida-based Internet company, alleging that its registration of the domain names,,,, and constitutes copyright infringement.
20 May 1995
Don Henley from the Eagles married model Sharon Summerall. Guests included Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, David Crosby, Randy Newman, Jimmy Buffett, Jackson Browne, Billy Joel, Sting and Sheryl Crow.
26 Nov 1994
The Eagles started a two-week run at No.1 on the US album chart with 'Hell Freezes Over.' The album name is in reference to a quote by Don Henley after the band's breakup in 1980; he commented that the band would play together again
26 Aug 1994
Scottish singer Frankie Miller suffered a massive brain haemorrhage in New York, while writing material for a new band he and Joe Walsh from the Eagles had formed. Miller spent five months in a coma. He then entered rehabilitation, re-learning how to walk and talk.
27 May 1994
The Eagles played their first show in fourteen years when they played a show in Burbank, California. The two-and-a-half-hour show ended with two encores, closing with 'Desperado'.
25 Apr 1994
The Eagles played the first of two shows where they recorded their 'Hell Freezes Over' album. Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Don Felder and Timothy B. Schmit first got back together the previous December for the making of a Travis Tritt video of their song, 'Take It Easy' The name of the album was taken from an earlier quote by Glen Frey, who responded to the question "When will the Eagles get back together?"
20 Jun 1987
Aerosmith appeared at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, the first night on their Permanent Vacation 147 date world tour. Over the years the venue has been the home to the Texxas Jam, which has featured Deep Purple, Boston, Journey, Ted Nugent, Scorpions, Cheap Trick, Van Halen, Blue Öyster Cult, Sammy Hagar, Rush, Nazareth, Styx, Foghat, Santana and the Eagles. Eric Clapton notably held his first massive 3-day Crossroads Guitar Festival here in 2004.
2 Dec 1982
US folk singer David Blue died of a heart attack aged 41 while jogging in New York's Washington Square Park. Member of Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue during the late 70s. He wrote ‘Outlaw Man’ covered by the Eagles on their 1973 Desperado album.
31 Jul 1980
During an Eagles concert at Long Beach, California, tempers boiled over between Glen Frey and Don Felder, who spent the entire show describing to each other the beating each planned to administer backstage. "Only three more songs until I kick your ass, pal," Frey told Felder. The group’s next album was mixed by Frey and Felder on opposite coasts after the two decided they couldn't bear to be in the same state, let alone the same studio.
20 Mar 1980
28 year- old Joseph Riviera held up the Asylum Records office in New York and demanded to see either Jackson Browne or the Eagles. Riviera wanted to talk to them to see if they would finance his trucking operation. He gave him-self up when told that neither act was in the office at the time.
19 Jan 1980
Pink Floyd's The Wall started a 15-week run at No.1 on the US album chart. The group’s third US No.1, it went on to sell over 23 million copies in the US alone. The Wall is still the third largest grossing album in the US, behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Eagles’ 'Greatest Hits'.
10 Nov 1979
The Eagles went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Heartache Tonight', the group's 5th and final US No.1. It made No.40 in the UK.
20 Oct 1979
The Eagles started a nine week run at No.1 on the US album chart with 'The Long Run', the bands fourth US No.1.
18 Sep 1979
The Eagles released 'Heartache Tonight' from their album The Long Run. The song originated from an jam session between Glenn Frey and J. D. Souther who would visit Frey's home in Los Angeles whenever he was in town on tour. Frey and Souther wrote the first verse while listening to Sam Cooke songs. In the heat of jamming, Frey called Bob Seger on the phone and sang him the verse. Seger then blurted out the chorus.
23 Feb 1978
Winners at the 20th Annual Grammy Awards included Fleetwood Mac, Album of the year for Rumours. The Eagles, Record of the year for Hotel California, Best pop vocal performance went to The Bee Gees for 'How Deep Is Your Love.' Crystal Gayle won Best Female Country Vocal Performance for 'Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue' and Song of the Year went to Barbra Streisand & Paul Williams (songwriters) for 'Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born)'.
7 May 1977
The Eagles went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Hotel California', the group's fourth US No.1, a No.8 hit in the UK. The Eagles also won the 1977 Grammy Award for Record of the Year for 'Hotel California' at the 20th Annual Grammy Awards in 1978. The song's guitar solo is ranked 8th on Guitar Magazine's Top 100 Guitar Solos and was voted the best solo of all time by readers of Guitarist magazine.
5 Mar 1977
Barbra Streisand started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Love Theme From A Star Is Born’, her second US No.1. It made No.3 in the UK. The Eagles were at No.2 with ‘New Kid In Town’ and The Steve Miller Band was at No.3 with ‘Fly Like An Eagle’.
26 Feb 1977
The Eagles went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'New Kid in Town', the group's third US No.1, which was also a No.20 hit n the UK. The single written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther was released as the first single from their fifth album Hotel California.
22 Feb 1977
The Eagles released 'Hotel California' the title track from the Eagles' album of the same name. Written by Don Felder, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey its long guitar coda was voted the best guitar solo of all time by readers of Guitarist in 1998. The song was awarded the Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 1978.
15 Jan 1977
The Eagles were at No.1 on the US album chart with Hotel California the group's third US No.1 album. In the 2013 documentary History of the Eagles, Don Henley said the song was about "a journey from innocence to experience...that's all".
24 Dec 1976
The Eagles sixth album, Hotel California spent the first of eight non-consecutive weeks at the top of the Billboard chart. The band's first LP with Joe Walsh and last with bassist Randy Meisner which has now sold over 34 million copies worldwide. Some of the album was recorded at Criteria Studios, Miami. While the band were recording Black Sabbath were recording Technical Ecstasy in an adjacent studio and The Eagles were forced to stop recording on numerous occasions because Black Sabbath were too loud and the sound was coming through the wall.
8 Dec 1976
The Eagles released their fifth studio album Hotel California, their first album with guitarist Joe Walsh, who had replaced founding member Bernie Leadon. The album topped the US chart for eight weeks (non-consecutively) and at the 20th Grammy Awards, the Eagles won a Grammy Award for 'Hotel California', which won Record of the Year. Worldwide sales now stand at over 32 million.
7 Dec 1976
The Eagles released 'New Kid in Town', which became the group's third US No.1 in February the following year. The single written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther was released as the first single from their fifth album Hotel California.
24 Feb 1976
The Eagles 'Greatest Hits' became the first album to be certified platinum by the R.I.A.A. New certification's represented sales of 1 million copies for albums and two million for singles. The RIAA has now certified the album 38 times platinum, indicating sales of 38 million copies in America alone, which would make Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) the best-selling album of the 20th century in the United States.
2 Aug 1975
The Eagles went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'One Of These Nights', the group's second US No.1 single and the first to chart in the UK where it peaked at No.23.
28 Jun 1975
The Eagles started a five-week run at No.1 on the US album chart with their fourth studio album 'One Of These Nights'. The album which became their breakthrough album released three US Top 10 singles, 'Lyin' Eyes', (which won a Grammy), 'Take It To The Limit' and the title track.
10 Jun 1975
The Eagles released their fourth studio album One of These Nights which became the Eagles' first No.1 album on Billboard's chart. The album produced three top 10 singles 'One of These Nights', 'Lyin' Eyes' and 'Take It to the Limit'.
1 Mar 1975
The Eagles went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Best Of My Love', the first of five US No.1's for the band. The song was included on their 1974 album On the Border and was released as the third single from the album. According to Don Henley, the lyrics were written while in a booth in Dan Tana's Restaurant close to the Troubadour in West Hollywood.
20 Dec 1974
Former James Gang and Barnstorm guitarist Joe Walsh officially replaced Bernie Leadon in the Eagles after producer Bill Szymczyk had recommended Walsh to The Eagles.
19 Jul 1974
The Ozark Music Festival was held over three days on the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Missouri. One of the largest music festivals ever held, some estimates have put the crowd count at 350,000 people. Acts who appeared included, Bachman–Turner Overdrive, Blue Öyster Cult, the Eagles, America, Marshall Tucker Band, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Boz Scaggs, Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skynyrd,Electric Flag, Joe Walsh, Aerosmith and Spirit.
6 Apr 1974
The California Jam 1 festival took place in Ontario, California, featuring the Eagles, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Earth, Wind & Fire, ELP, Black Oak Arkansas and Seals & Croft. Over 200,000 fans attended.
22 Mar 1974
The Eagles released their third studio album On the Border the first Eagles album to feature guitarist Don Felder. Three singles were released from the album: 'Already Gone', 'James Dean' and 'Best of My Love'. A hidden message carved into the run out groove of some vinyl LPs reads: "He who hesitates is lunch".
12 Aug 1973
The Eagles, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young and the Santa Monica Flyers all appeared at the Corral Club in Topanga, California.
17 Apr 1973
The Eagles released their second studio album Desperado. Recorded at Island Studios in London, UK, two singles were released from the album 'Tequila Sunrise' and 'Outlaw Man'.
2 Sep 1972
The Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival was held over three days on Bull Island, near Griffin, Indiana. The Promoters expected over 50,000 music fans, and over 200,000 attended the festival. Many bands pulled out as the festival drifted steadily into anarchy. Bands that did appear included Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids, Black Oak Arkansas, Cheech and Chong, Foghat, Albert King, Brownsville Station, Canned heat, Flash, Ravi Shankar, Rory Gallagher, Lee Michaels and Frosty, the Eagles, The Amboy Dukes, and Gentle Giant. Three concert goers drowned in the Wabash River and as the festival ended, the remnants of the crowd burned down the music stand.
1 Jun 1972
The Eagles released their debut studio album. The album was an immediate success and produced three top 40 singles 'Take It Easy', 'Witchy Woman' and 'Peaceful Easy Feeling'.
25 Aug 1970
Elton John made his US live debut when he kicked off a 17-date tour at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. In the audience that night were Don Henley, Quincy Jones and Leon Russell. Elton's latest single 'Border Song' had just debuted at number 92 on the US chart.
7 Aug 1954
Elvis Presley appeared at the Eagles Nest in Memphis Tennessee, (the first of 12 shows at the venue in this year). The advertisement in the local paper read; ‘See and hear Elvis singing That’s All Right and The Blue Moon of Kentucky.’
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