This Day in Music
Too young to die
1 Buddy Holly - killed in a plane crash aged 22
2 Jimi Hendrix - died choking on his own vomit aged 27
3 Jim Morrison, The Doors, found dead in a bathtub in Paris from a heart attack aged 27
4 Brian Jones, The Rolling Stones, drowned while under the influence of drugs and alcohol aged 27
5 Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, commited suicide by shooting himself in the head at his home in Seattle aged 27
6 Marc Bolan, T Rex - killed in a car crash aged 28
7 Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, TLC, killed in a car crash aged 30
8 John Lennon, The Beatles, shot dead by Mark Chapman aged 40
9 Elvis Presley, died of heart failure aged 42
10 Marvin Gaye, shot dead by his father aged 44

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