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Classic Albums David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust




“Starman” was the first Bowie song since “Space Oddity” with mass appeal. After “Starman”, everything changed. Woody Woodmansey, drummer, Spiders from Mars.

“Bowie changed the face of music and the world. Everybody’s got dyed hair or mad clothes now but until he kicked in, in ‘72 it was rare to see that kind of flamboyance.” Ian McCulloch, Echo and the Bunnymen, talking to Mojo 
“Bowie's one true complete masterwork. The album is not just end-to-end mercurial melody (Five Years, Starman, Lady Stardust, Rock'n'Roll Sucide) and definitive rock swagger (Moonage Daydream, Star, Suffragette City) but a tightly scripted, astonishingly evocative storyline with outrageous lyrical conceits, ultra-vivid theatrical drama and a new configuration for British sexuality (alien bisexual, anyone?). Wrapped in Bowie and co-producer Ken Scott's uncannily effective, brittle sensurround, Ziggy Stardust . . . arguably changed more people's lives in one fell swoop than any before or since.” Q
“Bowie has pulled off his complex task with consummate style, with all the wit and passion required to give it sufficient dimension...he hasn’t sacrificed a bit of entertainment value for the sake of message.” Rolling Stone 1972
“I remember buying the LP and learning 4 or 5 of those songs. I loved “Ziggy” particularly Mick Ronson’s guitar lines are just beautiful.” Peter Buck REM. 

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