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Pink Floyd
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The Diver, a photo taken by Storm Thorgerson for Pink Floyd’s album Wish You Were Here, features what appears to be a man diving into a lake, creating no ripples. The photo was taken at Mono Lake, California, the effect created by the diver performing a handstand underwater until the ripples dissipated.

When Pink Floyd appeared at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London in 1967, it was the first show which included loudspeakers placed at the back of the hall to give a sound in the round effect. The sound system, developed by EMI technicians was stolen after the show and never recovered.

Some of the profits from The Dark Side Of The Moon were invested in the film production of Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

Pink Floyd’s debut album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn released in 1967 is the only one made under Syd Barrett’s leadership. It was recorded at Abbey Road studios at the same time the Beatles were recording Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Although The Dark Side of The Moon held the number one spot in the US for only one week, it remained in the Billboard album chart for 723 discontinuous weeks.

The chiming clocks heard on The Dark Side Of The Moon were originally recorded as a quadraphonic test tape by studio engineer Alan Parsons for EMI records.

Syd Barrett left approximately £1.7 million to his two brothers and two sisters after his death. This sum was largely acquired from royalties from Pink Floyd compilations and live recordings featuring songs he had written while with the band.

The cow featured on the cover of Pink Floyd’s fifth studio album Atom Heart Mother was named Lulubelle III.

In 1988 Russian cosmonauts aboard Soyuz 7 took a cassette copy (minus the cassette box for weight reasons) of the latest Pink Floyd album Delicate Sound Of Thunder into space and played it in orbit, making Pink Floyd the first rock band to be played in space. Both David Gilmour and Nick Mason attended the launch of the spacecraft.

The only member of Pink Floyd to appear on every release from the band is drummer Nick Mason.

During the 1967 tour with The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Move, Amen Corner and Nice, each act played two shows each day. Pink Floyd opened the second half of the show, and were allotted 17 minutes to play.

When Pink Floyd released “Money / Us And Them” as a single in the US, an edited radio play version of the single was also made available with the word “bullshit” edited out.

The sound effects on “Money” on The Dark Side Of The Moon were created by splicing together recordings made by Roger Waters of clinking coins, tearing paper, a ringing cash register and a clicking adding machine.

In May 2003, David Gilmour sold his house in Little Venice and donated the worth £3.6 million proceeds to homeless charity Crisis to help fund a housing project.

Two stuntmen (Ronnie Rondell and Danny Rogers) were used for the picture on Pink Floyd’s album Wish You Were Here, which was taken at the Warner Bros. studio lot in Los Angeles. One was dressed in a fire-retardant suit covered by a business suit with his head protected by a hood, underneath a wig. Initially the wind was blowing in the wrong direction, and the flames were forced into Rondell’s face, burning his moustache.

Clare Torry, whose vocal can be heard on “The Great Gig in The Sky”, has also performed as a session singer with Kevin Ayers, Olivia Newton-John, Shriekback, The Alan Parsons Project, Culture Club, Meat Loaf and Tangerine Dream.

The choir on “Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2” were from Islington Green School, North London, England. They were not allowed to appear in the video as they didn’t hold actors’ union Equity Cards.

Seamus, a pseudo-blues novelty track on Meddle features Small Faces / Humble Pie singer Steve Marriott’s dog (which David Gilmour was looking after) howling along to the music.

Shooting the album cover for 1987’s A Momentary Lapse of Reason involved dragging 700 hospital beds onto a beach in Devon, England. Rain interrupted the shoot and they had to repeat the exercise two weeks later.

Early CD versions of Pink Floyd’s live album P.U.L.S.E. came with a blinking red LED on the side of the case. The circuit was powered by a single AA cell; the battery life was stated to be over 6 months, and in some cases the battery lasted a few years.

Pink Floyd turned down Stanley Kubrick’s offer to provide music for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Brain Damage is the only track on The Dark Side Of The Moon which mentions the title of the album.

The Japanese release of “One Of These Days” was titled ‘fuke yo kaze, yobe yo arashi?’ which loosely translates to ‘Blow, Wind! Call Forth, Storm!’ This is the only song on the Japanese release of Meddle to receive an alternate titling.

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